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Art & Symbolism

Dubbed as the "Sacred Art of Africa," Ethiopia has a rich art treasure to offer the world. Broadly speaking, almost every walk of life in Ethiopia displays art and symbolism, manifested in cultural artifacts and materials such as crosses, paintings, icons, pottery, musical instruments, basketry, woodcraft, metalwork, weaving & embroidery.


'Roots' Exploration

For those wishing to retrace the past, come to the "Cradle of Mankind" where the famed "Lucy" was discovered. Spoken of as the "Mother of Humanity" Lucy is the oldest, best preserved and most complete human-like creature ever found. Close interaction with city and rural people groups and a distinct effort to discover lifestyles and meanings to rituals can be enlightening and life-changing.



Still in its infancy, archaeology is an area where one can unlock the doors of this country. A number of sites have been identified and more still are waiting for the fans of history to uncover and enjoy.


Monasteries & Rock-hewn Churches

Hidden from the rest of the world, the highlands of Ethiopia have hundreds of rock-hewn churches and monasteries, with all their mysteries and precious relics.


Geological Formations

Ethiopia has one of the most diversified land features on earth. The Great Rift Valley bisects the Ethiopian highlands into two, forming a mammoth structural depression in the middle. To the other extreme, the Dallol Depression, one of the hottest and lowest places on earth with its sulfuric inferno which lies 100-120 mts below sea level. Here also, are the Sof Omar Caves forming one of the most extensive cave systems in the world.



Pride Ethiopia Tours


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Photo Galary

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