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About Ethiopia

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Ethiopia, a land of wonders

Ethiopia is a country of many wonderful and unique attractions. The uncommon combination of historical, cultural, and natural attractions mark Ethiopia as a unique tourist destination in Africa. This vast magical land is an exciting and unexpected surprise for many travelers. This is the reason why many of its attractions have been declared by UNESCO as world heritage.

There are many reasons to visit this fascinating country, Ethiopia and the following are only some of the reasons.

Ethiopia, “the origin of mankind”

Ethiopia is the earliest known home of humankind. What are believed to be the oldest remains of a human ancestor ever found, which have been dated as being some five million years old, were discovered in the Awash Valley in Ethiopia. This recent discover beats the discovery of "Lucy", a 3.4 million, a skeleton of an older human ancestor Australopithecus Afarensis which was discovered in 1974 in the Afar region. In this discovery, anthropologists have established that the skeleton covering 40% of the human body had belonged to a twenty-years-old female that lived 3.5 million years ago. Registered by the United Nations Education, Science, and Culture Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage, the site of the discovery is called Hadar - situated 160 kilometers northeast of Addis Ababa. The skeleton is now found in the National Museum in Addis Ababa.

Undiluted and living ancient African culture and civilization

Ethiopia has the most extensive historic sites in Sub - Saharan Africa. The The rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, often referred by many as “the living wonders of the world” The oldest hominid remains (Australopithecus Ramidus, a new species, 4.4 million years old) were found here.

A land of diverse tribal culture and friendly people

With more than 80 ethnic groups and some 200 dialects, each ethnic group, preserves its own unique customs and traditions. In the remote mountains and in the Great Ethiopian Rift valley, you will find unique tribes living in a life style they were living thousands of years ago.  You will also find all the major religions of the world in Ethiopia. But for all the exotic variety, the people of Ethiopia are as one and for their friendliness and hospitality.






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